Dessert du Jour, (included in black board menu)…..8
Daily dessert selection or cheese of the day

Floating island, (included in black board menu)…..8
Soft meringue, vanilla sauce, caramel, toasted almonds

Bread Pudding, sauce caramel au rhum, (included in black board menu)……8
Bread pudding with raisins and cranberries, caramel rum sauce

Creme Catalane aux fruits rouge, (black board menu add 2).....9
Bourbon vanilla “Crème brulee”, garnished with fresh red berries

Mousse au Chocolat, (black board menu add 2)…..9
Belgian chocolate mousse flavored with orange zest

Tarte Tatin, (black board menu add 2)…..9
Upside down baked caramelized granny-smith apple tart
(with vanilla ice cream, add 2)

Nougat Glace, (included in black board menu)…..8
Ice cream parfait with orange blossom honey caramelized almond, red berries sauce

Coupe de glace ou sorbet, (included in black board menu)…..8
Vanilla or chocolate ice cream - lemon, mango or raspberry sorbet.

Selection of French cheeses, One…9, Two…15, Three…18

Beverage accompaniments

Pineau des Charentes, Charentes 9
Sweet and full bodied, fortified wine of Ugny-blanc grape and Cognac

Sauternes, Bordeaux 12
A late harvest sauvignon blanc- semillon from the famous Sauternes vineyards

Porto, late bottled 2008 “Ruby” or 10 year old “Tawny”,   9
Full bodied and fruity ruby or dry tawny port with a nice light wood finish

Banyuls, Languedoc-Roussillon   12
Vin doux naturel from Grenache noir

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Provence  10
Sweet wine from Muscat grape, passion fruit and pear aromas, hint of apple

Madeira, Cossart Gordon, 5 years, Madeira Island,   12
Fortified wine, Bual grape (toast to the declaration of Independence)

Pomeau de Normandie, Calvados,   12
Apple Cider fortified with apple brandy

Jurancon, South-west,  10
Vin moelleux from Manseng grapes

Print the desserts menu

"Coq au vin"
Chicken casserole in red wine

Originally from Auvergne and Bourgogne, the recipe made with rooster now hard to find is replaced by chicken. Every region of France claims to have invented the dish, and similar preparations based on red or white wine are found almost everywhere. (main course for 2/4 people)

Read the recipe

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